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When The Thrill Has Gone (2000)

by Walter Mosley(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
Leonid McGill
review 1: Good detective novel, with the necessary element of all great detective novels, information is withheld till the very end so that there is no way you can guess who the bad guy is. However, this novel is not about catching the bad guy, it is about watching the protagonist Leonid McGill navigate his life. This is what I like about most of Walter Mosley's books, the true story is watching an imperfect man figure out who he is, what kind of kind of a man he wants to be, what his responsibilities are to the people he loves, and does he, should he, own up to those responsibilities.
review 2: Walter Mosley is the kind of gifted writer whose works transcend their genre and need to just be considered fine contemporary literature. I've read his charming Easy Rawlins n
... moreovels; his compelling and thought-provoking The Man in My Basement, and after picking up this Leonid McGill mystery at the library I wondered why it has been so many years since I have read one of his books.Mosley manages to be poetic, philosophical and earth-bound at the same time. I love his detective, Leonid McGill. This is one mystery where both plot and characterization are equally strong. I can't say enough about what an interesting writer Mosley is. Pick up one of his books and you'll understand. less
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Ok, I like central character. Will start at the beginning [email protected]
I may like Leonid McGill even better than Easy Rawlins.
I've like some of his other book more.
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