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Nextwave, Agents Of H.A.T.E. Ultimate Collection (2010)

by Warren Ellis(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 3
0785144617 (ISBN13: 9780785144618)
review 1: Fun book. More light hearted than my typical tastes, but enjoyable. Might be a little low brow for some. I enjoy a good poop or dick joke so I was amused. Warren seemed to be having a good time writing it. Ellis uses parodies of existing characters and familiar backdrops to poke fun at classic Marvel characters with some success. The comparisons made in previous reviews to the "Whedonesque" flavor of the dialogue is also pretty accurate. Immonen's art is nice and he draws the entire series. Bought it at a discount and it was easily worth it. If you think farts are funny.
review 2: Violence, humor, explosions and fun-poking celebration of the Marvel Universe. That's what this book is about. Warren Ellis, Stewart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger and Dave McC
... moreaig deliver a distillation of the superhero genre that'll make you grudgingly laugh of yourself for loving superhero comic books — Marvel, DC, Image, Captain America, Hellboy, The Authority... Nothing is sacred in Nextwave. I think I could've expected that kind of book from Ellis, but I was very surprised with the versatility of Immonen and his frequent inker Grawbadger: their delicate, realistic lines are replaced by what I can only describe as top-shelf cartoon art. Colorist Dave McCaig wraps things up with beautiful color schemes that harken back to gold- and silver age comics, including some hints at screentone technique.Maybe this was the closest Marvel got from the kind of independent work Image and other smaller companies were releasing at the time. I'm glad they gave this amount of freedom to Immonen and Ellis: such an off-the-wall comic book comes only once every decade. less
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Everything I've ever wanted from a comic book.
Individual issues on marvel unlimited
Too campy.
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