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Isle Of Fire (2008)

by Wayne Thomas Batson(Favorite Author)
4.53 of 5 Votes: 3
1400312167 (ISBN13: 9781400312160)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Isle of Swords
review 1: Whatever happened to Captain Thorn and his crew? Some say that he cannot be killed, but is that just foolish superstition or fact? Only in the Isle of Fire can this truth be found! Wayne Thomas Batson takes you on another stormy sea adventure with navel battles beyond compare! Does the British fleet have what it takes to track down "The Sea Wolf" or will they falter and will the pirates rule the seas? The Isle of Fire is another high see adventure and answers questions that The Isle of Swords left hanging.
review 2: Cat stays with the Brethren monks for awhile, learning. He soon learns that they want him to captain a ship to search for a certain evil called the Merchant, who has been providing evil men with evil things for hundreds if years. Cat, with Anne as
... morehis Quartermaster, sails off to find his disappearing lair. Will their search be successful? Will they find and defeat the evil Merchant? At the same time, Bartholomew Thorne is learning the secrets behind the Vikings. He gains command over a fleet of special ships with a liquid fire, called fire rain that is hard to put out. With evil plans to burn the British Isle and avenge his wife’s death, Bartholomew Thorne sets off to put it all into action. With wonderfully created characters and amazing plot, you will be drawn into a world of danger and peril, care and kindness, good and evil. I highly recommend this book. less
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This is an amazing book! Very detailed plot, wonderful characters, and a rich backround. =]
This was so good that I am reading it a second time!!
This is a good books so far! I love Cat and Anne!
What to watch out for: Pirate violence...
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