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The Honor Of Spies (2009)

by W.E.B. Griffin(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 2
0399156054 (ISBN13: 9780399156052)
Putnam Adult
Honor Bound
review 1: While the book did include interesting historical facts I never knew about- the existence of the OSS and the rescue of the Italian dictator, for instance- I still felt as though nothing happened. All that seemed to happen was people would talk and plot and conduct inter monologues, which was overall quite boring. I was hoping for a spy thriller based on the book`s description, but sadly all I got was an 900 + page snoozefest. I have never read from this author before and, based on this experience, am not inclined to read more from him, which is unfortunate as I had thought several of his other books looked interesting.
review 2: As in all of Griffin's books, he mixes history with the story adding historical figures throughout the story. This adds an interestin
... moreg twist to the story and makes the story more plausible. This story revolves around WWII and the OSS. It shows how the OSS was able to work behind the scenes to help the cause. Roosevelt loved the spy game and intrigue, so he supported this organization 100%. A gread read! less
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Slow starter, became too boring. Too many details. Tried again to like W.E.B. Griffin, and failed.
Yak yak yak yak. Fly. Yak yak yak yak...
Two words. Too long. 2 stars
historical WWII
Hope for more!
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