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Busy Monsters (2011)

by William Giraldi(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 4
0393079627 (ISBN13: 9780393079623)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: Giraldi's writing style is hilarious. The humor in this book is found within each paragraph. The overall story is pretty good, but nothing especially great. The further you get into this book, the more the author finds it necessary to break open his thesaurus, even interspersing antiquated words frequently. Despite easy access to a comprehensive dictionary within Kindle this gets a bit aggravating and disruptive after a while. I really did enjoy Giraldi's fun style, though; made me laugh out loud quite a bit.
review 2: The prose is brilliantly crafted and memorably descriptive. Giraldi makes every word count, and I was privileged to have him as a professor of creative writing. His style is sensual and romantic, and he is able to seduce readers with his mind blo
... morewing use of language. The book was also humorous and lighthearted with descriptions of an essay called How to Pay the Bills and even goes as far as to compare Romp's genitals to a river monster! I am perplexed at how the natural and supernatural were so carefully intertwined in this book. It can be read as love story, but this is also the tale of the male ego, if not just a bruised ego. The writing is addictive, each line intoxicating to the reader. I will look forward to a literary future with this past professor of mine. less
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Quirky, fun story. If you enjoy fun banter, this is a book for you
A really fun read. William Giraldi is a magician with words.
The narrator is so annoying. Not wasting my time.
Loved it. Very Kurt "Vonegut-ish" type of humor.
I love a deluded narrator!
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