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Seven, Eight...Gonna Stay Up Late (2013)

by Willow Rose(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
DMC Publishing
Rebekka Franck
review 1: I only finished this book because I had nothing else to do today. The writing was completely weak and I wasn't engaged at all. Rebekka was such a flat character, I honestly can't come up with any character traits at all aside from "stupid" she had no common sense! When her exhusband came onto the scene I skipped her boring and unnecessary first person chapters; since three of them in the beginning were practically the same. Once Allan kidnapped her again I skimmed her parts. I wasn't put off by the lesbian stuff since Amalie and Carmilla seemed ageless aside from C's One Direction ringtone. If Willow Rose could write interesting characters reading about the bare breasts of a fourteen year old would have been too much. It just felt like Willow Rose was too... eager with the... more homosexuality, like she was throwing it in just to seem open minded but it came off as a novelty. Especially the bit with Sebastian and the prince. Allan's torture was pretty brutal, my liver has some phantom pains right now. I think she put too much time in developing him and neglected the rest. I feel as though this entire book was centered around him and it just didn't come together right. When it (finally) ended and the author announced we will find out why Timothy D'Whatever wanted R.F. killed I rolled my eyes. I won't be reading Nine, Ten.
review 2: The best one in the series so far... I'm glad I stuck with the Rebekka Franck series and got to read this book. It is, in my opinion, the best one and I am looking forward to reading the next one to find out how it all tied together and turns out. That being said, I do think the ending was a bit rushed after the long build up. I needed to "be there" when the girls are taken out of the boxes. After having suffered along with them the whole way, it was like being excluded from the scene. less
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A little gory and/or violent for my taste, but I have read 4 of the series, may as well finish.
This is a horror story. I found 10 errors in this book.
Read on kindle. Great book
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