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Bunny Drop 6 (2012)

by Yumi Unita(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
0316217190 (ISBN13: 9780316217194)
Yen Press
Bunny Drop
review 1: What I liked better of the first four volumes is the clever approach to a child's mind in such a harsh situation, rootless and misplaced. It seemed authentical, as authentical seemed to me Daikichi's effort to overcome circumstances. Perhaps the rest, from volumes 5 to final, will retain some of the qualities on character analysis I found before.What I really have to complain about to miss Unita is something nobody seems to care or notice, and it is what I identify as evident problems of narrative techniques of several orders, which makes the development of the plot somewhat awkward too often. In the long run, I think this aspect more relevant to evaluate artistic merit of "Bunny Drop", than moral aspects which bother so much to so many, in the next twist to come in next v... moreolumes."Koi Kaze", by Yoshida Motoi, is another example of scandalous matter not to be digested by many; but, in this case, miss Motoi handles with complete accuracy the mechanisms of graphic narrative.
review 2: Rin is now in high school and preparing for her college entrance exams. She and Kouki are still sort of friends, but their relationship has been strained by his involvement with another girl – Akari. She seems to have blackmailed Kouki into dating her (I missed vol. 5, which may explain things more fully). Kouki still has feelings for Rin, but Rin doesn’t want to get involved with him and have her heart broken again. Daikichi continues to be a good dad – he’s much more laid back (he should be – 10 years have gone by since he first took Rin in), and he knows when to step in and when to step back. The relationship he has with Rin is still sweet. She is almost an adult! Will the story end when she goes to college? Daikichi’s own relationships with the other sex are faring about as well as Rin’s (which is to say, not well/not at all). He and Kouki’s mother are/were attracted to one another, but due to the awkwardness between their offspring, neither wants to make a move. I’m very curious about what took place in #5. less
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Another reminder that I don't understand how the Japanese view romantic relationships.
Takde timeskip. Mujurlah.
UGH Kouki.
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