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Bunny Drop 1 (2010)

by Yumi Unita(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 1
0759531226 (ISBN13: 9780759531222)
Yen Press
Bunny Drop
review 1: Bought the first volume at Borders's going-out-of-business sale. This was about the time the adaptation aired, so the series was fresh in my mind. This first volume is a charming story about a bastard orphan named Rin who's taken in by an aimless twenty-or-something living by himself. It's much more than that, but that's the best I can describe it without taking the fun out of it. Only ended up reading the first volume, but I'd definitely continue the series.Also, I prefer to call it Usagi Drop because I feel that name rolls off the tongue better. Means the same thing though.
review 2: This was my first time reading anything Manga and I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea how to read a book like this so I did have to go out on the internet to get directions
... more LOL. My first thoughts/impressions was how in the world could anyone enjoy this but after I got the hang of reading right to left I found that it was a nice change from just your "ordinary" novel. I didn't realize that this type of book actually involved "real life" issues or were genres similar to the books I already read :) For some reason I was under the impression that they were "Pokemon-ish" or similar to things like the video game Zelda....**shrugging shoulders "IDK WHY". Needless to say, I enjoyed this one and I had a good experience with it. Since I am not familiar with Manga it is difficult to rate this one because I don't really know what is good or bad in terms of how it is written,authors etc etc But since I did enjoy it I will go with 3 stars :) less
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It was okay enough that I'll probably pick up book two. The part about day care stood out.
what a pedophilic ending -_-
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