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Usagi Drop Vol. 1 (2000)

by Yumi Unita(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
8864689249 (ISBN13: 9788864689241)
GP Publishing
Bunny Drop
review 1: It took me forever to pick up Usagi Drop. I've been hearing about how good it is pretty much since it came out. And yet, I never felt like I wanted to read it. I started it yesterday out of pure desperation (I've read almost all the good manga available in languages I know by now and the remaining ones have such high level kanji that I spend more time looking things up in my electronic dictionary than actually reading).I have nothing I can point out in this manga. I thought it over and over again but so far it's pretty much perfect. The character development is natural, the relationships between the characters and the problems the main character encounters are realistic. Even though the plot may sound like it should be boring, the manga is really addictive and I stopped re... moreading halfway through volume 2 only because it was nearing midnight. Why did I give the manga 4 stars and not 5? I guess, I have the same rating standard for novels, graphic novels, comics, manga and short stories. Usagi Drop is very good but compared to the works I rated 5 stars it lacks that something. I may change my mind when I finish all the volumes though. Who knows.
review 2: I watched the anime months ago and I absolutely loved it and it was so short that I decided to read the manga because simply I wanted to know what will happen next. It's beyond adorable, taking you in a journey with a single man who clearly lives freely till his grandpa's death then he's faced with the fact that his 79 years old grandpa have a 6 years old illegitimate daughter, he ends up taking her in to live with him. Which changed everything about his normal previous life.Rin in this volume slowly opening up. less
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Just couldn't get into it. Didn't like the art work at all.
Too cute. I love it.
lalal mana
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