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Bunny Drop 2 (2010)

by Yumi Unita(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 3
0759531196 (ISBN13: 9780759531192)
Yen Press
Bunny Drop
review 1: In this volume, Daikichi begins to learn a little more about who Rin's mother is and tries to figure out what's best for her; in the meantime he's also learning more about Rin herself and is having to figure out how to talk to her about some things that are hard. Daikichi also reluctantly takes Rin to visit his family and finds that she even manages to win them over! Still cute, still sweet. On to volume 3...
review 2: I love this series. It's about family. And generations. And looking back over your life to understand the impact of your own actions on others. The relationship that Daikichi has developed with young Rin is so sweet - full of respect and tenderness and genuine love. And the more he matures as Rin's guardian, the more he sees his own family/paren
... morets in a new light (e.g., the struggles they had, the sacrifices they made). In volume 2, I love how Daikichi has found a sort of comrade in arms with the single mother of Rin's friend, Kouki. It's nice to see Daikichi have someone he can go to with parenting questions, who understands how he can be overwhelmed by the details of parenting every now and again. We also get to meet Rin's biological mother in this volume; I admire the way Daikichi vows to protect and care for Rin (seeing how Rin's mother would not be capable of doing the same)...but also how he wants to keep Rin's mother involved in Rin's life, knowing that somewhere down the road Rin may want to reconnect with her mother.My favorite scene of the book has to be when Daikichi valiantly tries to give Rin the "flop tails" (pig tails) in her hair...because the other kids at school say she isn't cute. Daikichi's first attempt is of course abysmal...but Rin is in love with the results nonetheless :) less
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Cute ;) But I haven't read it with a deeper meaning. Artwork is great.
This is the cutest manga/anime EVER!
More goodness.
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