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Bunny Drop 5 (2012)

by Yumi Unita(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
0316210331 (ISBN13: 9780316210331)
Yen Press
Bunny Drop
review 1: Ehhh... I know what people mean when they say the first four volumes are totally different from the rest of the series. Ten years have passed between volume 4 and volume 5, and Rin is now 16, and the story seems to have become more about her and her relationship with Kouki than it is about Daikichi and his attempts at learning how to be a good parent. It's not that this volume was bad, but...it felt kind of choppy to me, and just all around less compelling. I find I don't really care about teenaged Kouki like I did about little kid Kouki, and though Rin and Daikichi seem essentially the same, I find I'm really missing those between years, you know? I'll read the next book and see if there's improvement, but...I guess I'm not expecting it.
review 2: Major timesk
... moreip - rin goes from starting first grade, to being in high school. That section of the story features her trying to decide what to do about Kouki's romantic interest in her, and her trying to decide what she does with her future. There's also a chapter of story that takes place during the middle school years, which centres around Daikichi and Nitani-san (Kouki's mother), in which the author is a major tease, dangling the possibility of a romance in front of the reader, and then leaving things hanging completely. less
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Everyone's older now and having teen problems! At least Daikichi's finally confessed his feelings!
It is really sweet to see the characters that were children in the previous manga as adults here.
One question:What happened? Why? What went wrong?
Slice-of-life. Very sweet.
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