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The Seventh Sister (2000)

by Z.L. Arkadie(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: This is a series worth reading. I am not obsessed and totally freaked out like I was with Twilight and Tithe but I can say this. Tithe and Patched worth almost the same. To some Patched probably is better.Unfortunatelly I read the first book of the series way too fast, leaving inportand pages unread, in order to see the endand now I have no idea who the heroine is. So now I have to reread the first book.What I got though is that its written in a weird way. The seventh sisterlooks like it could be a whole new series by itself or if written differently it could be a very long chapter of Patched.(if written the way breaking dawn is written.Maybe.)Or maybe, again if written differently, Patched could be a seventh sister chapter.It definetelly doesnt look like the second book ... moreof thew series since the first one is focused on the other two forbidden couples: FGawn-Lario and Baron-Clarity.This doesnt minimize the value of the series because both books are welly written with excellent characters and well developed plot. I enjoyed them both very much.
review 2: I just didn't get it I guess. This story just didn't flow for me. Maybe it is because I didn't read the first book. I don't know. I was lost. The characters were weak. The story was typical and boring. It seems there are just so many cookie cutter type of books being written these days and well this to me was one of them. It just seemed familiar to another story I have already read. No originality. less
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great book i really love this series!
Awful grammatical errors.
Loved it too pieces!!!
Short and interesting.
short but good
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