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La Lettera Di Mr Darcy (2011)

by Abigail Reynolds(Favorite Author)
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Mastropasqua Daniela
review 1: I'm really enjoying these variation stories of P&P. I must admit that I liked Mr. Darcy's Refuge by the same author, Abigail Reynolds, just 1 star more. I found the storyline a little more conducive to the original P&P characters. *** Spoiler Alert *** It was a little far reaching to think that Darcy and Elizabeth would go intimately as far as they did. However, what I did appreciate was the fact that the author didn't leave it as a simple romp but actually carried the mental consequences throughout the story. This variation follows a little more closely to the original storyline so at times I found myself hurrying past parts just to find out what the next twist was. In Mr. Darcy's Refuge the story varied more so which was enticing. But, that is the fun of "what if... more"...the reader is left guessing as anything goes. I very much look forward to reading more of her works. Ms. Reynolds please write some variation novels of the beloved North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I would love to see what you do with John & Margaret. :-)
review 2: I love Abigail Reynolds' P&P variations, and this one is no different. She always manages to stay true to the characters of EB and FD, while playing around with the storyline. This one asks, what would have happened if Elizabeth refused to read Darcy's letter which outed Wickham and all his wrongdoings? It was a fun read, and I especially enjoyed the twist with Lydia's husband. Still... my only gripe is that the book ends before all storylines are resolved, especially where Wickham is concerned. His fate is alluded to in the epilogue, but I'm baffled as to why she left us hanging here. less
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This was just the thing to read on my few days off form school.
Enjoyable, as Abigail Reynolds tends to be!
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