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A Small Death In The Great Glen (2010)

by A.D. Scott(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 5
1439154937 (ISBN13: 9781439154939)
Atria Books
Joanne Ross
review 1: This is really 2-1/2, because it took awhile to sort out all the characters (even tho' I'd just previously read book 2), because so many surnames are similar. Had to do some flipping back to verify stuff. Biggest complaint is overuse of "Wee Jean." We've figured out she's young, thanks. But the murder investigation was compelling and there's a very nice twist right near the end that neatly brought a bunch of threads into fabric. Overall, the series seems to have legs.
review 2: A new series to enjoy - is there any better feeling? I almost gave this book four stars (strange how big a debate you can have with yourself over this) but stuck with three. I will be reading more of these, for sure. Love the use of dialect - the Scottish persona shines through and the t
... moreimes, 1956, seem like the dark ages - maybe they were, though we didn't know it at the time. Good mystery, smart characters, a little bit less than satisfactory ending to my mind. less
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A mystery, compelling characters, wonderful setting, smashing dialog - what's not to love?
Honestly I had a hard time to concentrate on the story
This series is always terrific!
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