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Love's Shadow (1908)

by Ada Leverson(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 1
1608190501 (ISBN13: 9781608190508)
Bloomsbury USA
Little Ottleys
review 1: Love's Shadow was an interesting and farcial glimpse of a segment early Edwardian society. The plot, such as it is, revolves around the courtship, and later marriage, of beautiful Hyacinth Verney to intelligent and handsome Cecil Reeve, and includes many scenes of the marriage of Hyacinth's friend, Edith Ottley, to her husband Bruce. All of the characters, except for Edith, tend toward being too exaggerated, but Leverson manages to include scenes that bring most of them back from that edge. The exception is Bruce, a character that I couldn't stand and did not find at all funny. This marred by enjoyment of the book somewhat, and I didn't quite find it funny enough to overcome that. 6.5/10
review 2: I'm not too clear what the point of this novel was. It mig
... moreht have passed muster as a fin de siecle throw away about the gay young things of that time. Or then maybe I don't know what life is like in the U.K. today, but I cannot believe it is what is pictured in this book. Mindless young men and women spend all their time making one another miserable. I tried it through the advice of a book-seller. I'll not do that again withou reading a sample. less
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Frothily tongue-in-cheek, this book kept me smilingly entertained during a long airplane flight.
I'd probably give it 3 1/2 instead of 3. It's a nice, clean, enjoyable read.
I won this book on First Reads, yay!! cant wait to read it :-)
Delightfully funny!
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