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A Greenshore-gloriett (2014)

by Agatha Christie(Favorite Author)
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Európa Könyvkiadó
review 1: I think I read almost everything that was published in Poland from Dame Christie somewhere around the year 2000 or so. Later I tried to find other, English books by Agatha Christie and had my share of her splendid mysteries. As Greenshore Folly is a sort of draft for the actual full-length novel, Dead Man’s Folly it was a quick read. Maybe I became picky when it comes to the "wow factor" in Poirot's stories, because this one did not do the trick. I just read it and put it away - there will not be coming back to it.
review 2: This novella (short story) was written in 1954, but unpublished until recently.Agatha Christie wrote it with the intention of donating the proceeds to her local church for a stained glass window. But she ended up expanding the story and t
... moreurning it into a full length novel, and donated a Miss Marple short story instead. Although I have read the expanded version of this story, which has a different name, this short version is different enough that I didn't recognize it, and it was an enjoyable and quick read. less
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Lovely...and actually much better than the book which is an expansion of this novella.
A nice little Christie treat, it's been too long since I've ready any of her work.
This novella is the original version of Christie's novel Dead Man's Folly.
Can never go wrong with Christie
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