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The World Before Us (2000)

by Aislinn Hunter(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 5
0553418521 (ISBN13: 9780553418521)
review 1: Loved the experience of reading this. It's that rare kind of book that makes you want to read every sentence with the utmost care, because the writing is so beautiful - but not in a dull-slowing-down the narrative kind of way; in the pleasure-to-read kind of way. The multiple points of view worked well for me, adding to the sense of mystery. My only quibble is that, unless I missed something, which I don't think I did, the ending didn't quite tie everything up. Nonetheless, I highly recommend.
review 2: Very disappointing read - maybe due to the "hype" surrounding this book. It was the Chatelaine pick for October Book of the Month. Just found it boring and difficult to get through. Didn't care much for the characters. I was hoping that all the stories would som
... moreehow "join" together but they never did....I also did not like the group of ghosts/spirits who turned up in the book and chattered mindlessly. It was a real annoyance! less
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okay.... this book looks fabulous! i cannot wait to read!
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I couldn't get passed the writing style.
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