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La Guerre éternelle (2013)

by Alex Scarrow(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
2092543986 (ISBN13: 9782092543986)
review 1: I was very excited for this book as it is most definitely one in a fantastic series.I have rated it three stars because though the concept for this series was highly intriguing, I found that this particular one was the least engaging so far.Not to say that the book is bad or anything, just that the American Civil War isn't really an interesting part of history for me as an Australian.The characters in this book didn't fail to make me laugh, cry, and sometimes piss me off. Which is just the way that I like them.Finishing this book at 3AM definitely has to count for something because no ordinary book can make you do that.I found the friendship between the two Colonels(?) of the North and South very cute and was glad their friendship continued on into the other timeline.This ... morebook took me longer than usual to read because, as I said, it wasn't as engaging as the last one, but it was still worth reading.I really loved how the relationship between Maddy and Becks really came into play here, and how, when Becks died, I was genuinely glad to see Maddy had actually developed some feeling for her.The eugenics in this book were hard to imagine, but their relationship with Sal and Abraham had me kind of on edge because of how the British man who was travelling with Liam and Bob described him.I really want to see some more interaction with Liam and Maddy in the next book though, and I'm hoping to find out what the bear means because that last sentence really messed me up.Overall, great work Mr. Scarrow, I'm really keen on reading the next book!
review 2: The concept of the American Civil war going South, I thought, was very interesting to read. After studying the actual course of its events, I understood the things that went wrong more clearly allowing me to enjoy the novel much more. I truly enjoyed the author's writing technique that placed the Devereau and Wainwright throughout the book from beginning to end. That made the conclusion very strong and made me want to read more. I highly reccomend this series to anyone looking for action, adventure, emotion and much more! less
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finished this book long ago its still on my reading shelf, stpha.
not as good as the others but a good read.
le meilleur jusqu'à maintenant!
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