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Les Seigneurs Des Mers (2014)

by Alex Scarrow(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: 2.5 stars. Meh. This was easily the worst of the series so far. Which isn't to say that it was bad, just that it didn't live up to my expectations based on earlier books in the series. I was pretty excited about a pirate story, but it just ended up being really underwhelming. It took way too long for the piratey stuff to actually happen, and then it turned into this weird "Liam O'Connor, saviour of runaway slaves" storyline that then morphs into "Liam O'Connor, pirate king for 20 years" thing and meanwhile Maddy's sitting in London moping because she thinks Liam doesn't want to come back and I just...?!?!?!?!?!?!? So yeah. Rashim annoys me, I want Spongebubba to die in a fire, and the usual trio going their separate ways was infuriating. Hopefully book 8 picks up again, be... morecause this was utterly forgettable.
review 2: I've just finished reading book 7 of this whirlwind of a series! Wow! What a great, fast paced, intriguing book.. surely one of the best yet!The TimeRiders series is one I have been reading for around 4 years now and there are not many book series I can read and enjoy just as much as my 4 year younger self did when I first time hopped into this cool, sci-fi adventure! I must admit, this series has had it's ups and downs, some books I've enjoyed a lot more than others and some I've struggled to get through. However, I'm SO glad I kept my faith in this series..The plot was brilliantly imaginative, set in a new, completely unique time. With 7 books to this series so far, I did wonder how Scarrow was going to keep sending the TimeRiders back to different times and still be able to create such an amazingly different 7th book which kept me just as intrigued as the first. However, again I should have had a bit of faith.. I LOVED the savvy pirates, epic sword fights and travelling the high seas with Liam and Rashim! Who knew they would make such good pirates?! Even Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud. This book touches issues such as racism to add a slight more weight to the story. Scarrow also cleverly uses violence to face the harsh realities of the time but, vitally, violence is not what makes the book so good. Now the question arrives, what DOES make the book so good? Well.. theres the loveable characters, thrilling plot, witty humour and countless cliffhangers which all make this book a sci-fi masterpiece.There's also the fact that you can pretend to be a time traveller. Or a pirate. Your choice really.. less
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also read 8 February 2012
4.5 stars
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