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The Candle Man (2012)

by Alex Scarrow(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
1409108198 (ISBN13: 9781409108191)
review 1: More Jack the Ripper than Titanic, but an interesting take on a Ripper theory (a theory mainly in the minds of film makers I suspect) linking the murders to an errant member of the Royal household. The plot moves along at a good pace and there can't be many re-tellings of this tale that has you rooting for both the Ripper and his (real life) last victim. If part of that sounds callous-read the book to see why it isn't!
review 2: A novel which attempts to combine a conspiracy theory based around the Jack the Ripper murders and Titanic sounded simply too good to pass up. Actually, the Titanic storyline is a bit of a stretch (and those buying the book out of interest about anything to do with Titanic will be disappointed), but overall this is a very good and well
... morewritten mystery.The story combines two main storylines to begin with. Firstly, Mary Kelly discovers a man bleeding on the street and robs his bag. Later, afraid that he is not dead and will remember her, she seeks him out. The second main thread concerns the murder of the young mistress and baby of a very well known person. Although they are murdered, a locket containing a photo of the man, woman and baby still exists and the Steering Committee, a group of influential men, are involved in making sure all evidence of indiscretion is gone.Basically, the author has taken the Whitechapel murders of 1888 and weaved an entirely different storyline around them. To Ripperologists this may seem unacceptable, but it IS fiction and, as long as the storyline makes sense and you care about the characters, then the novel works - and it does. This is a very exciting read, leaving you with empathy for even the vicious Candle Man, as well as for Mary Kelly, who is more than a little out of her depth in the deception she is attempting to pull off, the victims themselves and even for the members of the Steering Committee, who feel little sympathy for the man they are trying to protect. Overall, a really good read and I will certainly search out more by this author. less
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Well written and enjoyable the author puts together the Ripper myth in a new and plausible way.
An unusual and unconvincing take on Jack the Ripper oddly featuring the Titanic.
Very interesting Ripper tale, ties all of the facts into a satisfying fiction.
Great book. Scarrow uses very vivid descriptions.
Amazing Alex Scarrow never let's me down!
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