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Out Of Sight, Out Of Time (2012)

by Ally Carter(Favorite Author)
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1423147947 (ISBN13: 9781423147947)
Hyperion Book CH
Gallagher Girls
review 1: The fourth book ended with Cammie leaving the Gallagher Academy, then the Gallagher Girls: Out of Sight, Out Of Time by Ally Carter leaves off a few months after Cammie had left the Gallagher Academy. Cammie is in Ireland with her memory all gone of that summer. Summer her, had forgotten everything about that summer and she starts to panic. She calls her mother from Ireland, and returns back to the Gallagher Academy. When she had arrived back to school, her friends, Bex, Liz, and Macey were surprised to see her. Bex was mad at her for running away. During her few days there, she was interrogated and tested. Zach goes to the Gallagher Academy because of what happened last semester. After running into Zach a few times, she feels as if he is acting weird. Cammie suspects that... more Zach and Bex are dating. One day she sees Zach and Bex together and she just wanted to hide, so she went through another secret passageway and there laid Mr. Solomon, hidden, for protection. Mr. Solomon is still in a coma due to the explosion at Blackthorne. Soon, everything starts to feel normal again, but then in CoveOps class one day Cammie is discovered holding a gun. She has no idea how it got there, and when it got in her hands. Cammie then goes with her mother, Aunt Abby, her friends, and Zach to Mr. Solomon’s cabin. They find that Summer Cammie, was at the cabin during summer vacation, and when Cammie starts to freak out and run into the woods, Bex follows. As Cammie and Bex were in the woods, alone, they argued a bit and Cammie brings up Zach and Bex’s situation. Turns out it was all a misunderstanding and over the summer Zach and Bex were out looking for her. A shot rang and they start to make a run for it. The Circle is after Cammie again, but this time they no longer wanted her alive. Bex was fighting a man, and all the suddenly in Cammie’s hands is a gun and she fires it at the man, saving her best friend’s life. Once again she doesn’t know how it got there and when it got there. Zach whispers in her ear, worried and afraid for Cammie to give him the gun. Aunt Abby demands her to give it to him, and she did as told. After awhile they decide to go to Rome, another place where she had been that summer. Aunt Abby, Townsend, Bex, Liz, Macey and her all go to Rome. On the streets of Rome, an old woman walks up to her and tells her that she came back. She had been there with a boy that summer, and it meant she really was here last summer. That evening, they stayed at the safe house and Agent Townsend tells her that whatever was on her mind is what The Circle wants. Cammie tells him that if she figures out what it is, she’d give it to him. She goes to sleep and hears a voice calling her name; it was Zach’s voice. She was sleepwalking in the city streets, and Zach, who was not suppose to be there, was there as always. She didn’t realize it was actually him until he pulled her from her feet, she was screaming “No” thinking she was still under her covers in bed. Her back slammed into a wall and she bolted awake, Zach was holding her on the sidewalk telling her to wake up. She asked why he was there, he replied saying that he was worried about her, and just left because all the cool kids were doing it. Then Cammie asked him if he was here with her last summer, referring to what the old woman had told her, but Zach just restated her question again. Zach wasn’t with her that summer. Zach started pulling Cammie towards the safe house, but she pulls away and tells him it’s the other way. Zach tells her that that isn’t the right way, that he was following her for six blocks and he was the conscious one. Yet, she pushed away and started saying random numbers. Just when she was about to push the numbers onto the touchpad, Zach grabs her and she’s dangling upside down on Zach’s shoulder. They’re bolting down the alley, and Zach wouldn’t put her down no matter what she said until a tall figure appeared in front of them. It was Preston, the son of the ambassador. He was taller and different than the last time she’d seem him, or at least remembered. Preston was going to give her a hug then Zach lunged between them, he wasn’t sure if he was safe or not. Turns out that the person that was with Cammie that summer was Preston. Agent Townsend then appears out of nowhere telling Zach to freeze, and both Agent Townsend and Zach tell her to run. They find out that were both spies and trusted ones too when Bex suddenly appears and fires at the sky. They are invited into the Ambassador’s home by Preston, and find out what she was doing there last summer. In the next few days they observe a bank and then go into it. Cammie find’s her dad’s journal in the safe and then gets chased by The Circle and Ambassador Winters saved her. Next, they are headed to back to the Gallagher Academy but very soon they travel to Ireland, and are looking for a cave in the ruins. They split up, and Cammie is with Zach. They find a hole but only Cammie could fit, so Zach stayed behind and searched for a way around it. In the hole, Cammie finds the list her father wanted her to find, but then Zach’s mother appears demanding her to hand it over. Of course Cammie didn’t do that and was saved just in time by Liz’s explosives. They ran through the ruins but Zach’s mother caught up and then a gust of wind got her off balance causing her to drop the list into the ocean. Zach’s mother dived into the oceans after the list, and Cammie was temped to go too, just then a hand was around her waist and pulled her back. Bex screamed for her to stop and so did Zach; he told her it was gone. Back at the Gallagher Academy, they find Mr. Solomon awake. Zach and Cammie are in the Headmistress’s office and then in came her friends, her mother, her aunt, and Mr. Solomon. That morning they discovered that the list was in Cammie’s memory from when she was a kid. She starts to write it on the windows and she realizes that The Circle was no longer after her, it is her who is doing the chasing now. Overall, I enjoyed this book and I’d give it a 10/10 star rating. Cammie went through a tough time with The Circle continuously chasing her and having her brain erased was probably the toughest part. I would recommend this book for girls who like spy books.
review 2: This book was really good! I read the first couple of books a couple years ago and had not read them since. I found out that there was another book in the series and decided to read it because I liked the other books so much. This book was amazing but I was a little confused because I hadn't read its predecessor in a long time. I loved the idea of a wealthy boarding school actually being a spy school for girls. In this book the girls were out in the field a lot more, and finding out about their school's history. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone as it is a great book! less
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