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Perfect Scoundrels (2013)

by Ally Carter(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 5
1423166000 (ISBN13: 9781423166009)
Hyperion Books for Children
Heist Society
review 1: Yet another book that suffered because of my reading slump. It took me weeks to get through this so I'm sure I would have been more into it if I had had the desire to read. I really did like this book though- Like with all the Heist Society books, I enjoy the Ocean's Eleven feel with all the cons and tricks. I didn't like Hale in this book though, surprisingly. I still love Kat and her extensive "family" but Hale got on my nerves. Enjoyable though.
review 2: While the reader still doesn't learn Hale's real first name, the story is a rollicking ramp thru both Hale's and Kat's worlds. Hazel Hale has passed away, leaving Hale Industries to W.W. Hale the 5th, NOT Hale's father, but to Hale himself. Kat thinks something is desperately wrong with the situation and
... moresteals the information regarding Hazel's actual intentions. Kat must take the situation into her own hands to steal Hale's birthright back for him. less
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4.5 stars and my favorite one of the series.
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