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Cut (2011)

by Amanda Kyle Williams(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 4
3805250061 (ISBN13: 9783805250061)
Keye Street
review 1: This is the first book in the Keye Street series. Keye is a former FBI profiler whose fast-track career came crashing down because of her alcohol addiction. Sober now, she makes her living as a private investigator: serving subpoenas, investigating cheating spouses, and pulling in bail jumpers for bounty. Being a private investigator isn't the career she studied and worked for, but it pays the rent.The story begins during a sweltering heat wave, but the heat isn't the only reason Atlanta residents are on edge. A killer is stalking and murdering citizens while mocking the police by writing letters to the media about the crimes he's already committed - and promising more.'The papers have called me a monster. You've either concluded that I am a braggart as well as a sadist or... more that I have a deep and driving need to be caught and punished. And you must certainly be wondering if I am, in fact, the stranger you seek.'Keye's friend, Atlanta Detective Aaron Rauser, asks Keye to work up a profile on the psychopath the media calls the Wishbone Killer. Using a top rated profiler might be the only way to catch the murderer.Keye Street is a complicated, tough and funny heroine. Her background and present life are interesting, but the story of her past is thrown at the reader in too much detail at the beginning. I'm glad I stuck with the novel, because I enjoyed the mystery and look forward to reading others in the series.
review 2: I enjoyed the way Williams developed Keye and characters around her. Keye is hilarious and sharp. You really get to know her and it helps make sense of a lot of her actions. I wish that type of development would have made it others in the story though.When it came to the story, the mystery was a good one. Nothing too absurd but still something that would get under your skin. There was definitely a twist and a wow factor at the end. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series. less
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good book, great plot twists....figured out one but not the last
I loved this book. I think I have found a new favorite author.
Enjoyed main character, Keye Street. Flawed, yet like able.
Great book! I am looking forward to more of Keye Street.
engaging characters. the book left you wanting sequel.
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