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Nessun Rimpianto (2012)

by Andrew Gross(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
8830430773 (ISBN13: 9788830430778)
Ty Hauck
review 1: I did enjoy this book on the whole, but the author's use of ellipses was a little over the top and unnecessary; having '...' at the end of every other sentence made the story annoying to follow, as did the overuse and seemingly random placement of italics. The character of Hauck was almost bipolar in the way sometimes his "well of rage" (what even is that analogy omg) was overflowing and sometimes his eyes were misting up every two pages. I didn't feel like the big conspiracy was resolved at the end. Yes, Hauck knew the truth, but nobody else did, and that felt like a hollow victory. Getting the chief involved in the conspiracy came out of nowhere, and just seemed like a device hastily added on at the end to get Hauck to take the other job offer.Also, I thought Hauck w... moreas head over heels with the woman from the last book, so why now is he getting involved with the restaurant owner?? Make up your mind, man.Overall I thought I was gonna like Hauck, but seeing things from his perspective for the first time in the series really put me off him. I also thought Freddie's death was unnecessary, but there you go. I wouldn't recommend this book, mostly because I found the ending extremely irritating, but maybe that's just me.
review 2: I liked the story very much,however, there is not a lot of suspense really throughout the story. It's more about political corruption and some very sleazy characters. Our old romance may be out the door, to possibly be replaced by a new one. I'm reading Reckless next which is the last of the Ty Hauck series. Poor Ty, hope he finds someone to care about in the next one. Or maybe he's destined not to have that in his life! We'll see. less
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A good story. Keep me turning page after page.
Just didn't hold my interest.
Awesome read.
Very good
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