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Dawn Of Avalon (2000)

by Anna Elliott(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I have read Anna Elliott's Avalon trilogy and I loved it, therefore I was intrigued to read this prequel. It is told from the point of view of Isolde's grandmother Morgan, who was the distant voice from the past and acted as the narrator all through the trilogy. However in this story we meet Morgan in the present tense, giving her a refreshingly young voice that I enjoyed having as the protagonist of the story.I thought the content of the story was excellent, as was the context, but unfortunately it was just too short for me to form any kind of emotional attachment to Morgan and Merlin. Mostly what I gained from this prequel was a deeper understanding into how and why the world Isolde lived in came into existence. Meeting Uther Pendragon was a nice literary touch, as he wa... mores often mentioned by reputation in the trilogy but we never met him first hand. Again, I would have liked to have read more.
review 2: The begining chapter was difficult to follow and I'm still not entirely sure who was narrating at that point. The following story however was intriguing enough and well written. I know very little about any Authorian history or lore, I suppose a better opinion could be formed if I had. I give this two stars simply because it's not my typical reading material and it didn't quite captivate me to the point of wanting to seek out additional material in this genre or the trilogy to which this is a prequel. If you're looking for a review from someone who knows more of this genre or King Author or Merlin, etc. I am not it ^.^A few things worth remembering:"To a healer, compassion is neither gentle nor tender, but hard and keen as a blade." (Location 544, Kindle)"For if the weavings of our lives are spun of both joy and sorrow, the fabric of that morning seemed destined to be cast from threads of joy alone." (Location 841, Kindle)"I have today. And I have at least one morrow. Perhaps the promise of one tomorrow in the sunlight is all any of us can ask for or need." (Location 1273, Kindle) less
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very good, well written, will read more of the series
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Short but sweet.
It was just ok.
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