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The Silence Of The Llamas (2013)

by Anne Canadeo(Favorite Author)
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1451644795 (ISBN13: 9781451644791)
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A Black Sheep Knitting Mystery
review 1: I will give an honest review on the mechanics, but also my personal feelings about the work itself. It was well written, logical, and a soft murder mystery in the vein of "Murder She Wrote" in that there are amateur detectives that solve the case. The characters are believable, everyday people that I could see solving crimes in a rural community. On the mechanics, the nuts and bolts, of plot, setting, characters, rising/falling action, and other items that I learned about reading literature in high school, it is a perfect five stars. I will not fault the author on her style or her genre of choice.As a personal evaluation, I would give it two stars, which is not fair to the author as a critical review of her work. My reasons for my personal rating is I honestly chose the bo... moreok to read because of the title as my family have a couple of llamas. Yes, I did judge a book by its cover though I did read it fully before I passed judgement.Some of the llama behavior was not as believable given that llamas will attack each other by raise up on their hind legs and running into each other to hit chests. Male llamas will also attempt to mount anything in sight that does not move fast enough, so they are not as meek and innocent as the author portrays them. Generally, they are, but not always, especially not around strangers. I can give a pass on that because it did not affect the plot or story, though I did notice this lapse.Where I had more of an issue, and it is based on my personal preferences, the plot moved slower than I would like and the characters did not seem as empowered or possessing the level of nerdy/geeky intellect that I prefer to have in female protagonists. I am also not a knitter so those details did bore me. I realize it is part of a series that revolves around the events affecting a knitting club and I wanted to give the book a chance so I could expand my horizons. I did not make a final judgement until I finished the entire book.Regrettably, the book did not draw me into the writer's universe as much as I would have liked. That being said, it would still be worth reading if the series engages a reader. It did not engage me enough to desire reading the other books in the series, but only because the plot and style did not work for me, not because it was not well written.
review 2: A light story, perhaps not as appealing to me as it could be, because it's the 5th in the series and I haven't read the others. Plus, I kept trying to figure out where it's set ... I was thinking New York or New Jersey, because I know for a fact that Connecticut has no county government, and I was 99% sure that Massachusetts doesn't have county governments with land use/planning powers - nor do they have "villages" with local government powers either, they have towns. But it turns out that it *is* supposed to be Massachusetts, only the author doesn't know anything about local government in Massachusetts.That kind of undermines the major plot, which revolves around the county government supposedly ending open space rules and the village deciding whether to vote to continue them in its area, you know? Other than that, the characters were lively enough and the plot was well-constructed (except for being founded on nonsense). I also guessed totally wrong about whodunit, which is refreshing. It did lack a certain "oomph" by the end, though, since none of the characters were ever in any real physical danger. The author maintained the tension pretty well despite that, though, so it's quite forgivable. I'll probably look up some of the other some time. Still not gonna take up knitting, though. I have too many hobbies as it is. less
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A good read. I enjoy Anne's characters and the plot progression. Worth the time.
Thoroughly entertaining, and the pattern web sites work.
Good cozy mystery
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