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A Dark And Stormy Knit (2014)

by Anne Canadeo(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 3
1451644809 (ISBN13: 9781451644807)
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A Black Sheep Knitting Mystery
review 1: An easy to read fluffy mystery book with a bit of an un-suspenseful story and lacking an additional subplot. I do not often read these kinds of books anymore but in the past my faves have always been one that has the mystery but there is also some personal drama and strong character interactions. This had few of those which made the easy to solve mystery so much more obvious. I am a knitter so I did like the knitting aspects being spread throughout and the links to patterns at the end of the book.
review 2: Maggie's employee and tenant, part-time college student Phoebe, draws police attention when she discovers a body in her friend's apartment. Maggie and the Black Sheep Knitters provide support to Phoebe, especially when it seems like one of the suspects in t
... morehe murder is stalking her. Talking to Maggie about the case leads Phoebe to the real killer, after the police have gone down several dead ends. Although I'm not a knitter, I follow several of these "crafty" series, and for me this one fell rather flat. less
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This author always spins a cozy knitting mystery. Each one has a unique twist in the end.
A rather silly, lightweight read, this won't strain the brain cells.
I look forward to reading more of Anne Canadeo's cozy mysteries!
Another murder another adventure for the Black Sheep Knitters.
It was good, but I figured out the murderer right away again.
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