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Le Spectacle De Noël (2013)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
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2264060751 (ISBN13: 9782264060754)
Christmas Stories
review 1: This book read like Sparknotes on Bram Stoker's Dracula. The dialogue was almost solely about the play these amateur actors were planning on performing the day after Christmas. There was a murder nearing the end of the book, but even that was boring. This is not a Christmas story IMO. I'm not a fan of a "Did Not Finish" status, but I was perilously close to giving up on this book. What a disappointment...
review 2: I'm getting interested again in reading Anne Perry again. Many years ago, I enjoyed the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels, but, for a reason I can't remember, I decided to leave this writer. Returning to her, years later, I find that I am enjoying her just as much as before, perhaps more. Her Christmas novels are little treasures, all with suitable co
... moreld and remote settings combined with unexpected murders around the festive season. Someone remarked to me recently that murder mysteries and Christmas time seemed a bit incongruous. But since the time of Charles Dickens' spooky Christmas tales, I think a darker side of Christmas time is part of the literary tradition of the holidays. I'm not particularly bothered by bodies showing up on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, even if it is a bit macabre. "A Christmas Homecoming" for me was also interesting because it details the working life of actors. All the behind the scenes preparation for a play are, to me, fascinating - the first read-through, the arguments between the actors, the different methods of creating scenes that really work. Perry spends a lot of time exploring the work of a Victorian troupe of actors. The ending, for me, was the only disappointed part of the story because I don't think that one could predict the murderer based upon clues in the novel. Otherwise a very good Christmas tale, which I read in early January this year (Christmas tree going down today - and I'm done with Christmas books for this season!) less
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I like this series, but this one was too heavy on the "Dracula" and light on the characters.
I wasn't really into a Christmas book about putting on the play Dracula.
I love Anne Perry and have read all of this series!
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