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Un Noël Plein D'espoir (2011)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 2
226405302X (ISBN13: 9782264053022)
Christmas Stories
review 1: I liked the story and Minnie and Balthasar but it was not the best of Anne Perry. The story was maybe too low-key and the time I read it was most probabl wrong (should've read it the week of Christmas or around that time).Minnie is such a sweet girl that I understand why Gracie couldn't just let her go. She's looking desperatly for her only friend, her donkey that dissapeared and the death of her uncle is also making her sad (although maybe not as much as I thought she should be, but then again she was just 8 years old). Balthasar is a very random character. I'm guessing it's more realistic though that they find out the crime thanks to an adult who is ''knowlegeable''. He seemed so calm and smart and even if, after the first time of meeting him I thought he wouldn't work o... moren it, I'm happy when she goes see him the second time that he delivers and becoes so invested. The ending was cute if not slightly childish.Cute christmas detective story.
review 2: It was lovely to see Gracie before she went to work for Thomas and Charlotte Pitt, but since it was written after the fact, it seems a bit contrived. All the great descriptions are there, but while a cute story, we know Gracie and Minnie Maud from the "future" and it all falls too neatly in place. I even saw amazing foreshadowing from the end scene at the nativity. Quick read with familiar characters for a cold winter afternoon. less
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This Christmas it is Gracie, Charlotte Pitt's maid, whose character takes the principal part
This is my first exposure to Anne Perry and I wasn't very interested in this story at all.
Another good short Christmas mystery by Anne Perry. Very good fast read.
A nice introduction to Gracie Phipps and Minnie Maude Mudway.
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