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A Christmas Odyssey. Anne Perry (2010)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 5
0755376900 (ISBN13: 9780755376902)
Christmas Stories
review 1: I have become a big fan of Anne Perry's Christmas stories. This is definitely not your typical Christmas story. It takes the reader into the underworld of Dickensian London and makes Oliver Twist look positively lighthearted. When just before Christmas a friend asks Henry Rathbone to search for his son who has chosen to lose himself in the opium dens, gaming hells, and brothels, Rathbone has no idea of the journey is about to take. Slowly an odd assortment of people come together, a former brothel owner who fears he's become to "nice" to survive in his old haunts, a strange young man who is "almost" a doctor, a young girl born into abject poverty and with little or no change to better her life. As they spend their nights searching through the dregs of the city they also co... moreme across very unusual people, including the Shadow Man, whom everyone fears. It builds to a very nice climax and a satisfying ending. As usual Perry incorporates side characters from her other novels, but not so much that you need to have read the, (I've ready very few). A good read for a cold evening.
review 2: Wow, this one was really different from the previous Christmas novellas in a stomach-churning way. Henry Rathbone is asked by his friend to find his son who has lost himself in London's depraved underworld of drugs and dangerous sex. He enlists the help of two odd characters with knowledge of the terrain and they go "underground" to find the boy, Lucien. It's an unrelenting journey through disgusting habits. It had some redemption at the end but I don't think I'll read this one again because the payoff wasn't enough for the disgust factor. I can handle some depravity in my novels, but this was constant. less
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I like Christmas stories and read all of Anne Perry's Christmas stories early this year.
Very good fast read, love her Monk characters, even the fringe ones in this novel.
A bit dark for my tastes, but it definitely kept me awake during my commute.
Victorian England. I like more of the Monk's and less of the Rathbones.
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