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A Christmas Odyssey (2010)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
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0345518586 (ISBN13: 9780345518583)
Ballantine Books
Christmas Stories
review 1: Henry Rathbone is a minor character in the William and Hester Monk series, but in this Christmas story he takes (almost) center stage, along with Squeaky Robinson and the mysterious Dr. Crow. Together the three of them seek the prodigal son of one of Henry's friends, James Wentworth. Why Wentworth would come to Henry Rathbone for assistance is a mystery that is never solved, but not necessary to this very gripping story of life in the cesspool depths of London. Perry places the message of the story at its beginning, which is effective, as it would be turned to sugar if at the end. Perry dedicates the book to "all who look upward," and I believe she counts herself among them.
review 2: When James Wentworth goes to visit his friend Henry Rathbone over the fes
... moretive period to ask him for help with his son this sets in motion a chain of events that is a world away from the comfortable life Henry is used to.James' son Lucien has got mixed up with the wrong crowd and is into every kind of vice conceivable, women, drink, drugs and it has spiralled out of his control until even he doesn't know how to find his way back to his old life or respectability. Henry enlists the help of people who have connections with the London "underground" society Lucien is caught up with so ends with the company of Dr. Crow, Bessie and Squeaky Robinson in his investigation.But is it too late to find and save Lucien from the evil clutches of lady of the night Sadie who is in the employ of the dark and sinister Mr. Shadwell known also as "Shadowman."Fast paced with a deeper undertone of the seedy world of vices and the sequence of events that leads people to partake of them.Well written and in some ways a lot darker than her other works as there are so many taboo subjects for the time period of the book that are raised and exposes the sinful side of Victorian life.A great read. less
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This was Discuss It Book Group's Christmas 2011 main book. As a group we rated it 3 out of 5.
Page-turning - bit short on the ending, but I shall read all the other Christmas books.
Always great to see redemption, courage and character in all of her books.
I love Anne Perry and have read all of this series!
An entertaining read.
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