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Execution Dock (2009)

by Anne Perry(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 2
034546933X (ISBN13: 9780345469335)
Ballantine Books
William Monk
review 1: My Second Anne Perry novel - and I can spot the formula - but was still diverting reading. I can see I'll need to space this series out or it will spoil. I was somewhat annoyed with the courtroom drama which ignored describing the crucial problems with the evidence that the case was won on. Perry also seems to rush her book endings tying up multiple loose ends by the paragraph. Fortunately she writes better dialogue than most period detective series so I will return for more Monk after a break.
review 2: The first part of the book was so boring I really had to fight myself to just keep reading. It did pick up somewhat and I debated as to what rating to give it but 2 stars was all I could muster. I really get tired of Monk and Hester's constant recriminations
... moreof themselves and everyone else they come in to contact with. It's all so repetitive on everything they think. I've probably just read my fill in the series, but I know me I won't give up yet! Once I start a series I finish the series! Ug less
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Not my favorite Monk book.Weird twists.Child pornography.Ended stronger than it began.
Terrible subject as Monk & Hester are at odds with their friend Sir Oliver Rathbone.
Very good!eAudiobook borrowed from JoCo Library; read by David Colacci
An enjoyable read similar to Mrs. Perry's other historical novels.
Compelling story, excellent narration by David Colucci.
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