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El Lector De Cadáveres (2011)

by Antonio Garrido(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
846703758X (ISBN13: 9788467037586)
Espasa Narrativa
review 1: This book was brtually disappointing! The premise was entirely predictable (the denouement a one-trick pony--a trick that had been performed already in the book several times) with mediocre prose that dragged. Heavily edited and more thoughtfully written this could have made a decent short story at best. In order for a villain or villains to be truly successful, one must be able to at least relate to, if not sympathize. Everyone is a villain in this book, except for one minor character, and you end up disliking everyone including, if not most-of-all, the protagonist. Sorry I bought it. If it weren't for this being a choice on the Goodreads Book Challenge, I wouldn't have finished it.
review 2: I read this on Kindle so didn't notice that the book was in tr
... moreanslation from Spanish until I caught up with all the notes at the end. The translation is an excellent job - there's no sense of clunkiness or bizarre phrasing at all and the text flows fluently. It's perhaps no surprise that forensic science was first practiced in China and many great discoveries hail from there, but to understand that this kind of work was being done so many hundreds of years ago is pretty amazing. Garrido has done exhaustive research into medieval China with the result that The Corpse Reader totally immerses its readers into the culture and beliefs of the times. This is a fascinating read both as an exciting novel and as a glimpse into a fascinating hidden world. less
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A great historical fiction novel about the father of forensic medicine, Ci Song.
Too many modern things for forensic person in 1600s.
Très bien documenté sur la Chine au Moyen Âge
Good, kept me interested and readibg.
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