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Monica Never Shuts Up (2012)

by A.S. King(Favorite Author)
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0615749917 (ISBN13: 9780615749914)
The Bat Press
review 1: I don't know how A.S. King does it. She has creativity up the wazoo! Each short story is so unlike the last one. I don't typically enjoy stories involving negativity, but each character (even negative ones) are brought to life so vividly, I'm surprised they don't jump off the page. 8 out of 12 stories were GREAT! The others- not my favorite. I'm not typically a fan of short stories, but this one is a winner. These twelve short stories are summarized bellow:1. Monica Never Shuts Up: A woman raised her brother to see him get married to a pathological liar. 2. Can You See Lois Gardening?: A garden thief's house is up for sale bringing up the interesting question of: why is this woman's house a hoarder's dream and the landscaping so...pricey?3. I Am Mommy: Mom locked h... moreerself in the basement to get away. And, now her children understand why. She's then in an old folks home and does something you have to read to believe.4. River-16: AMAZING! Buy this book for this story. It was really that good. This is a sci-fi story about our futuristic world fining people and eventually arresting people for not recycling! So, if your loving son wants to get rid of you all he has to do is put an aluminum can in the garbage?5. Harry's Giant: A boy lives on a cattle farm. The cattle are given steroids. The boy eats the milk and meat from the farm. The boy gets boobs! The real story is how people in his life react to this.6. Leroy Can Tell You When: Leroy is a boy with the ability to tell you when people are going to die. He meets a girl with the ability to tell people how they are going to die. I cried at the end of this story. It was so moving. This is another amazing story that MUST be read.7. Skin: not memorable, it was so short I breezed right by it.8. Raul Shows Me Things: Mom is a horrible person. She does drugs. Her daughter gets pregnant. Not that memorable to me, perhaps it's because I didn't like reading about drug use and bad parenting.9. Will Deirdre Beat the Odds?: Deirdre gets beat by her husband and tries to cover her bruises with makeup. He buys a lottery ticket and the rest...you have to read for yourself.10. How I Became My Father: Not memorable (sorry A.S. King perhaps I was tired when I read it).11.Butcher: A woman divorces her husband because he wanted to be with another woman. She changed herself to please him. She gave him what he wanted...through the mail. Being someone who has gone through divorce I understand this level of anger and this story just made me laugh. It was wonderful. 12. The Tests I Failed: It's about Rape, guns, and family. I would be doing this story an injustice if I said anything more about it. A heart moving story that is also a must-read.
review 2: This was a good book packed with some great short stories, not all of them were good, and some were just weird but most of them were very enjoyable and just jam packed with so much lessons to take from them, I love A.S King's writing ,she is so real and her writing portrays so many important messages to the reader in a way that is entertaining, you can always take something great away from her stories! less
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Fresh new short stories for adults written by young adult writer A. S. King
some excellent short stories for adults from one of my favorite YA authors.
I think the title story is my favorite, but all of them were lovely.
Yum. I loved this book.
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