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The Most Magnificent Thing (2014)

by Ashley Spires(Favorite Author)
4.49 of 5 Votes: 3
1554537045 (ISBN13: 9781554537044)
Kids Can Press
review 1: I wish this book would have somehow alluded to a moral or theme. I tried to come up with some myself: There is a little good in everything, when frustrated we need to relax and look at the positive, the simple pleasures bring us peace--like taking a walk or getting ice cream, don't give up on your dreams, etc. You could say the story had all of these themes embedded in the short plot but it is a bit of a stretch. The text and illustrations never really focus in on one central theme. I would give it 2.7 stars (rounding down) because i wouldn't say i overall liked the book.
review 2: This is a fun kids books. I laughed a few times reading it to my 8 month old. I'm sure once she's a little older, she'll enjoy it as well. The illustrations were really good and ther
... moree is just the right amount of text on each page. Being a dog lover, I enjoyed the dog's role as "the assistant" in the story. It's a nice size hardcover w/ dust jacket as well. I ended up reading again the first day we had it so that my wife could enjoy the story with our daughter. I plan on checking out more children's books by Ashley Spires. less
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Ashley Spires is a Canadian national treasure! Simple, witty prose, always with a positive message.
Delightful story about imagination, creativity, and patience.
So far I would say that this one is my pick.
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