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Ladrón De Gallinas (2005)

by Béatrice Rodriguez(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 4
8492412313 (ISBN13: 9788492412310)
Libros del Zorro Rojo
Fox and Hen
review 1: A wonderful wordless picture book, perfect for sharing and encouraging children to tell their own story. Also perfect for parents who might be less confident readers themselves. There is so much detail in the beautiful illustrations, which allow plenty of opportunity for your own interpretation, as does the story which has some surprising turns along the way. Every time we read this it is slightly different and we emphasise different aspects, although some things remain constant for us, such as the character names. This gives it a great mix of familiar and new.
review 2: This story makes no sense at all. A chicken is abducted by a Fox. Chicken's friends try to rescue her but it turns out chicken likes Fox and winds up living with him. Stockholm syndrome, methin
... moreks. After all, why is Fox holding her beak closed in the first picture? Why don't chicken and Fox just stop running and explain that everything is okay and she doesn't want to be rescued? The illustrations are cute but the story is just bizarre. It's right up there with Rumplestiltskin: the millers daughter marrying a man who threatened to kill her if she can't turn straw into gold? How on earth do you live happily ever after with a guy like that? less
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Such great illustrations and story. Who knew I could laugh from a story with no words.
Loved it, great illustrations, but it did leave open A LOT of questions!
Wow, Stockholm Syndrome in a cute picture book, but somehow I like it!
My new favorite picture book.
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