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If Hooks Could Kill (2012)

by Betty Hechtman(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
0425252795 (ISBN13: 9780425252796)
Berkley Hardcover
Crochet Mystery
review 1: #7 in the series. Not sure if I want a friend like Molly Pink, tho' she does have a couple of very interested gentlemen friend. Murders seem to attach themselves to her. Just like other mystery books. I did not figure out the murderer in this book. The series books can "stand alone" but are still better when read in order.With a scream at the end of the book, I know # 8 has to arrive soon!
review 2: Molly Pink and Co. are at it again! In this installment, Molly's co-worker and blooming buddy, Adele, tries her hand at amateur sleuthing. With usual Adele flair, she jumps in with both feet and fully "embellishes" her involvement in solving the death of accomplished crochet designer, Kelly. Also as usual, Detective Heather warns Molly to butt out. This, cou
... morepled with Molly's recent relationship status change with Barry, incites Molly to just try harder to solve the mystery! Mason figures more prominently in Molly's life, and I like getting to know him and his history better.The whodunit piece is not easily solved by the reader.There are some new members of the crochet group that will surely supply upcoming mysteries for Molly to solve. The appendices include secrets to a new crochet stitch (for me), the bullion stitch, and a couple of Molly's recipes.I really enjoyed this one and look forward to the next episode of the Crochet Mysteries! less
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love that this series always leaves you with anticipation for the next book. another great one.
loved the storyline with the exception of the 2 love interests of the main character Molly--
Cute. Worth the read. I hope she keeps pouring out new novels.
Nice little read
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