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The White Bicycle (2012)

by Beverley Brenna(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
0889954836 (ISBN13: 9780889954830)
Red Deer Press
Wild Orchid
review 1: This is an incredible book whose power is in the voice of the narrator, Taylor, who spends the summer in France as a caretaker for a boy with special needs. I know Taylor - or I should say, a Taylor, a girl who beats to her own drummer, who desperately wants to be independent, who sometimes has trouble dealing with social situations and her own frustration. And a girl who is incredibly talented, creative, and engaged in life. Through the fiction of The White Bicycle, I feel like I have a better understanding - or at least more empathy - for the Taylor in my life.
review 2: Ienjoyed reading this Prinz Award Honor Book. It is told from the point of view of 19-yr-old Taylor who has Asberger's. She is in France, supposedly, building her resume by being a personal
... more assistant to a wheelchair bound sound of her mother's boyfriend. The one thing Taylor wants is to be independent. It is hard for her, and it is even harder for her mom. The story is sad, frustrating, funny, and enlightening. My criticism of the read is that I wanted more at the end. I wanted the story to continue. Does Taylor get her independence? I did find out, though, that this book is only one in three (I think) about Taylor. So maybe there will be another novel about what happens to Taylor when she returns to Canada. I hope so. less
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Disappointed that this was a Printz honor. It should not have been.
A beautiful coming-of-age story. Really, really pleasant to read.
A moving story, worth the read.
2013 Printz Honor Book.
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