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Break Her (2000)

by B.G. Harlen(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 6
review 1: Nah. Didn't feel for him or her. Hate the lack of answers. It wasn't erotic. It was boring reading about him telling her to suck him off. Yeah i get the whole "she was strong"-point, but I still couldn't care less. And he seemed dumb as a brick. I'm not sure what the author mean we should think after having read this? The twist wasn't enough for me to go "wow", the rape itself was hard yes, but by far the "worst out there", so Im not that creeped out either. ONE thing I liked was the movie references.
review 2: I can't not give this book 5 stars it was a crazy book and my mind was blowen!!!! That's all I can say about this book. It isn't your typical book at all, like crazy mind boggling! I can't even tell you If I fully instead what happened! I read the end li
... moreke 5 times because I was trying to solve the damn thing and I still don't know! If any of my friends have read this please message me I have some questions lol I need to know if I really understood this book! I won't reread it, like ever, but it was a huge mind opener! This book deals with a lot of rape so be warned, it's not. Spoiler it's the bases f this whole book, and not just sexual rape but every kind there is! It is a crazy book!!!!! less
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cringing reading it, but couldn't put it down :/ !
::why, oh why did i do this to myself ?::
Dragged on way too much..
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