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EVER (2009)

by Blake Butler(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0979808065 (ISBN13: 9780979808067)
Calamari Press
review 1: this is like a friend recounting a very lucid dream or hallucination, complete with the nested asides that tend to dominate the story rather than distract from it. plot-wise I'm not terribly sure what's going on at any given moment: there is a girl, and she is moving through the rooms of a house that is haunted by decay. She describes inngreat detail all she sees with her own peculiar and idiomatic manner. large chunks of this book should be read out loud, as the sounds and rythmn is worth the price of admission alone. ok. thats all.
review 2: I bought a couple of Butler's books, in fact I believe the only two that are widely available, after hearing somewhere that they were akin to the films of David Lynch. That's not an inaccurate analogy. Eerie, nearly plo
... moretless, viscerally psychological, this novella is enthralling. It's accompanied by visual art by Derek White, which I really like, but am not qualified to assess with any authority. less
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This book will drive you mad! In a good way...
I love things that are open to interpretation!
The style and imagery blew me away.
Gross…but great.
good sentences
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