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Chasing The Lost (2013)

by Bob Mayer(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
1621250687 (ISBN13: 9781621250685)
Cool Gus Publishing
The Green Berets
review 1: I absolutely loved "Eyes of the Hammer" and didn't hesitate to download this free Bookbub offering, knowing it was another in the series of the Green Beret books. Or is it really? Horace Chase and Dave Riley are now both retired and the latter of which is now pushing 50 and drinking more than he should; easy to visualize the beer belly and former taut muscles relaxing. Chase has just recently retired to a South Carolina location where he has inherited a somewhat questionable home near the water. Doesn't take long to discover the dynamic of the island being anything but laid back, easy southern hospitality when what he believes is the kidnap of an innocent child by the Russians and the plaintive request for help from his mother, Sarah. Amazingly, an old flame turns up local... morely as well, and all get recruited along with some specialized local talent to retrieve the boy. Fully enjoyed the description of the lay-out of Hilton Head locale and it's native residents, including descriptions of the Gullah (so much to know about this land of ours!) and their expertise with the sea, sand, and shipping of the area. Chase uses his Special Ops experience and that of Riley to form a plan of rescue. Talk about twists--you'll never see this one coming! Still of the "happy ever after" generation, I waited for the ending to turn out closer to that scenario and was totally caught off-guard by the surprise at the end. I'm a Bob Mayer fan; enjoy his writing expertise and recommend this book as well. It's different and one you can't and won't guess and I'm looking forward to the next.
review 2: Fast action military search and rescue mission featuring former Rangers and special Ops. personnel along with an assortment of other former military. This is an interesting book with all former service members suffering from mental issues affecting their relationships and/or their ability to fit back into society following their service. It takes place along the Florida northern coast in the tide lands and back waters that have been inhabited by Black desendants of slaves brought to America to harvest rice prior to the civil war. Lots of military talk and use of stradegies typical of the military nature of the principle characters. The story is a fast moving adventure with the type of action typical of Special Operations stories with military hardware featured along with tasks that streach the physical and mental abilities of the characters. They are all by habit, physical buffs and used to long efforts without rest or food. Use of alcohol is epedemic as is typical of stressed military personnel. The story involves the reader in the excitement that the participants experience which is without a break, challanging the reader to also read continuous without any of the usual breaks for snacks and drinks that keep a reader fueled for the excitement. The story is convoluted and jumps between several sub stories which add to the reading experience and include needed character development. Violence is a necessary ingredient for this type of story and as may be anticipated, the characters are able to bridge amazing the full extent of the violence that they forced to endure. The story ending is a real twist with everything being different than expected. Just the kind of story to keep you reading and looking for additional material from this author. Treat yourselves to an entertaining interlude in your reading with this story! less
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enjoyed reading liked it better than Eternity Base. Look forward to reading the rest of the series.
Great book, going to be another outstanding series.... Just like all of Bob's other ones.
not my cup of tea. read like TV actionnn movie
Good shootem up
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