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The New Avengers, Vol. 12: Powerloss (2010)

by Brian Michael Bendis(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 2
0785145753 (ISBN13: 9780785145752)
Marvel Comics Group
The New Avengers
review 1: In this trade paperback we have another good and interesting plot from Bendis. With the Hood gone missing, all his villains are searching for alternative way of making profit. Doctor Jonas Harrow was able to salvage the de-powering device, used by our beloved Avengers in the previous volume. With his help the villains are able to defeat the Avengers and make a deal with the new man on charge – Norman Osborn. Meanwhile, Luke Cage suffered heart attack and he was in need of surgery. The only way to perform the medical assistance is with the de-powering device and Cage needed to go to Osborn for help. The ex-Green Goblin made a move against the Avengers seizing this opportunity, but Doctor Strange and Hank Pym where there helping them. The hood has his powered restored in a... more way with the help of Loki and the stones of Norn. We see glimpses of the madness of Norman Osborn and how it is going to lead him to Siege. I didn't like the art. It is bearable, but almost all women are looking ugly in the face.
review 2: Without The Hood, the Wrecking Crew and rest of the villains set off a machine that cuts the avengers their powers, ..even the Dark Avengers when they show up. After they recover they tussle it up with the dark avengers on their escape. Cage has heart problems, and is left for Osborn to help. Later, the new avengers must spring him out of The Initiative base. And Hank Pym and Dr Strange help Cage in his condition. less
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Loved the story, loved the art, and Spider-Man kept me giggling through the whole thing!
Lots of characters in many fights. Fun and a clever storyline.
I love how much of a psycho Norman Osborne is in this series.
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