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Steampunk Your Wardrobe: Easy Projects To Add Victorian Flair To Everyday Fashions (2012)

by Calista Taylor(Favorite Author)
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1574214179 (ISBN13: 9781574214178)
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review 1: The author provides a great definition of steampunk -- a Victorian feel with a modern twist, but always open to interpretation…from something Victorian in a traditional sense to something that has more of a post-apocalyptic feeling, as if a modern society has returned to the ways of old. – page 10. I was excited when I found the book since I am interested in creating my own steampunk outfit, but was rather disappointed to the small number of projects in this book. The good thing about the projects are they are simple in nature and will get the novice started on their own projects. I do want to create the Leather Waist Cincher that is on the cover of the book.
review 2: The best thing about this book is that it gives you relatively easy projects to add a ste
... moreampunk/victorian look to your outfits without having to search for a bunch of the materials needed. Seeing as there aren't many gears and crazy steampunkish items needed for most projects this book does lean further towards victorian looks but that can be altered based on the accessories you can use in place of the ones suggested. Unlike other books similar to this one that I have read there are a large number of projects I'd love to tryout instead of just one or two. Plus the ease at which I can obtain most of the materials sets this book above other such "steampunk" project books. less
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This book offers a good variety of user-friendly projects to try, even for us non-sewing types. =)
Legit, unlike a previous steampunk craft book I reviewed...
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