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Murder In Pigalle (2014)

by Cara Black(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
1616952849 (ISBN13: 9781616952846)
Soho Crime
Aimee Leduc Investigations
review 1: Others in this series are substantially better. For some reason Aimee's pregnancy has coincided with the addition of an annoying tendency toward drama and panic. Her thoughts tend toward hysteria with the repeated point made that "Zazie is missing! I must find Zazie! You must tell me something to help me find her! You can't stop me from finding her!" Tedious and so disappointing since earlier books paint a much more cool and confident protagonist. Apparently for Black pregnancy destroys a woman's ability to be calm. Little ladies and their hormones, you know.
review 2: This is the 14th mystery in Cara Black's Aimee Leduc series. The formula remains the same - which is good and bad. On the plus side the plots are well thought out and I have grown to know Aimee
... more and her friends. But there are negatives that Black has not resolved. There is are running mysteries about Aimee's father's death and her mother's disappearance. Every few books there seem to be answers coming - and then, nothing. Aimee's ongoing battle with the Paris Police also seems to be a bit overworked. Black's writing is OK, but just ok. I find the rapid pace - or choppy plot progression - a bit difficult to follow. Aimee will be having an expresso one minute near her office on the Rue du Louvre and next minute she is balancing on a cross beam in a theatre across Paris. less
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Another exciting mystery from Cara that gives us an insight to another side of Paris. Love it.
New author for me - good, not predictable. Not in love with Aimee or Paris, though.
Always enjoy the adventures and misadventure of Aimee Leduc.
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