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Summer Daydreams (2012)

by Carole Matthews(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 4
0751545430 (ISBN13: 9780751545432)
review 1: My first time reading anything from Carole Matthews. The novel is about a woman who realizes she wants more out of life, but struggles to do it without losing her husband and her child. I had a difficult time getting into the book at first but I forced myself to continue. I was happy I did, the book got really interesting once you get into. Although the story is a bit too unrealistic for me, it's nice to read the real life situation in what can happen if you don't cherish your family. Overall a nice read.
review 2: A chick lit book which had mixed appeal. I began thinking it was not for me, but then got interested in Nell setting up her handbag business. Opinion changed again as her success just seemed so unrealistic. Her cramped home life was chaotic as s
... morehe and husband Olly juggled their low paid work shifts with looking after 4 year old daughter Petal. Yet Nell was managing to design and make her bags at home - bags which sold for £65 on a market stall! I was sorry for Petal who struck me as a typical 4 year old and remarkably patient with her mother's life style. Nell's business adviserstruck me as less than professional and I did wonder if this was an angle the story might take - but not so. Success in many ways came far too quickly, including a Prince's Trust meeting with Prince Charles, and a presence at top fashion shows. The best part of the story line for me was Olly's realization of what Nell's driving ambition was doing to their relationship and to their daughter. I "switched" off from Olly's Miami adventure and the "happy" ending seemed much too simplistic. Some well drawn minor characters (at the chip shop) helped to make this a light holiday read, but not one I would return to. Plus the fact I could not personally see the appeal of pop-art handbags! Probably more a 2.5 rating. less
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It was an alright read but I've read other books by this author which I have enjoyed much more.
This book goes to show anyone can do anything xx
a cute book.. nice light read
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