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Taboe (2011)

by Casey Hill(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
The House of Books
Reilly Steel
review 1: 3.5 starsThis book was a freebie on ireads. I found it interesting right from the start and it grabbed me more and more as the Book went on. The family ties in the story were reminiscent of the first Alan Jacobson Karen Vail thriller but Riley Steele is no Karen Vail. Vail is it character I love and Reilly Steele Is a strong character but with a much softer personality than Vail. I still enjoyed Steele as a character.The story was written and flowed well, however as for editing and printing they were a few typos that even I caught which means there were likely more. Still the story was compelling enough that typos didn't matter. I thought the epilogue could've used a few more pages. It wasn't rushed but I would have preferred if it had been written to read a little slower... more. I will likely read the second book.
review 2: Not great, but not bad. I know that sounds harsh but it is indicative of how annoyed I am that this book wasn't fantastic. Obviously, this couple can write, they are adept at descriptions and in describing the people, the action, et all. They even (and here I will completely ignore that pet peeve of people writing conversations had characteristics for characters without bothering to learn speech paterns, colloquialisms...) The characters are interesting. but it sort of feels like biting into achocilate full of wholes. Still taste good, not much there.Characters are or could be interesting, crimes are odd and well thought out BUT something is missing. Her relationship with Kennedy resolves too quickly and with Chtiss hasnt At all.. less
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Stayed up all night to read this book. Not sure what kept me hooked, but I was.
It was good. I would read the second book in this series.
Excellent book !
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