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Ginger Snaps (2008)

by Cathy Cassidy(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 4
0141383275 (ISBN13: 9780141383279)
review 1: I only recently discovered Cathy Cassidy's work, and I feel as though my ten year old self has missed out on a wonderful series of books. Despite the targeted age group being much younger than me, I found the book highly interesting and read it all in one sitting. The style of writing was simplistic due to the age of reader it was intended for, yet not overly so, making it easy to read without feeling frustrated. It was refreshing to come across something so simple and fun, and I intend to read more of Cassidys work in the near future.
review 2: I really love this book! The main character, Ginger, was always a shy, strange, quiet girl who was insecure and nervous. But when she met Shannon, a bright, bubbly, confident girl who everyone idolised, she quickly chan
... moreged, becoming a cool, popular girl. However, when she meets her childhood best friend Emily, she discovers that Shannon might not be the right type of person to be hanging around with. It's a really good book and it's really interesting. The characters are loveable and it's pretty enthralling. It's a bit short, but a fun read. less
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I love Gingersnaps best book ever!!!! love Cathy read all her books
One of my favourite books from Cathy Cassidy but I love Dizzy too.
so cool, re-read this and brings back lots of memories LAAAVVV it
I loved this book recommend to anyone it's one of my favoruites
Gingersnaps is ok and nice.
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