Review: Lover at Last by J.R. Ward

Title: Lover At Last
Author: J.R. Ward
Genre: MM Paranormal Romance
Type: Book 11 of Black Dagger Brotherhood
POV: Third Person

From a young age Qhuinn had been an outcast. Denounced by his own family, all he ever wanted was to belong. Being a fighter for the Brotherhood helped, but a rift with his onced best friend was killing him inside.

After years of pining after his best friend, Blaylock finally moved on. But deep down inside he knew no one else could fill the void in his heart. How could he risk his own heart when Qhuinn had his own future to deal with?

As the title suggested, finally these two get their story. I’ve been dying for them since the last few books.

For fuck’s sake, he’d always wanted him—to the point where he had to wonder how much of that pushing-away thing that he’d done “for Blay’s benefit” hadn’t really been for his own.

I have always love Qhuinn for his rebellious ways. I love how he evolved throughout the series coming from a reckless kid to a responsible and brave fighter. And his background made me sad.

As hard as it was to accept compassion from Qhuinn…it was downright impossible to witness it being imparted on someone else—even if they more than deserved it.

Blay was the proper and considerate one. He gave much more than he took. I’m glad that he learned to stand up for himself even though what he did kind of hurt lol!

Qhuinn and Blay’s journey started as best friends, turned enemy and finally became lovers. Their relationship experienced the longest trials and tribulations compared to the other couples, so to finally have them together is a big satisfaction. And it helped that the semi forbidden sex scenes were hot haha!

How ironic, he thought. Nearly two years ago, an Honor Guard of black robes had been sent to him to make sure he knew his family didn’t want him. And now, here these males were, come to draw him into a different kind of fold—that was every bit as strong as that of blood.

Lover At Last is a story of a couple learning to accept their true self. From the parallel sub stories, it looks like the Brotherhood is heading towards a tough time next. I’m looking forward to whichever direction the series is going.

I love Qhuinn and Blay but WTF with the epilogue?! I felt like stabbing my eyes with a black dagger haha! I like how both of them tortured each other from the past to the present and I feel the epilogue cheapened what they’ve been through. It’s just too much for me lol!


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