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A Question Of Honor (2013)

by Charles Todd(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
0062237179 (ISBN13: 9780062237170)
William Morrow
Bess Crawford
review 1: Another story about Bess Crawford, WW1 battlefield nurse. This one has its roots in her childhood in India and a mystery about an officer in her father's regiment. The story is interesting and I found the sense of the times even more interesting. Horrifying to read of the war carrying on, with all its attendent blood and death when everyone knew it is about to end. You think all the soldiers would have said, "Wait a sec, I can just put this bloody gun down and have a cigarette". But they didn't. The other thing I found interesting was the class system. Odd to hear people say someone was an educated man, one of ours really, you'd expect him to be an officer and hear how hard he found it to quell his natural sense of command and intelligence and behave like a typical sol... moredier.
review 2: Bess Crawford grew up in India with her father's regiment. While there Lt. Wade went home to England on leave. On the day of his departure to return to the regiment a family of three are murdered. The day that he leaves his parents house in India, they are found murdered. Lt Wade runs away and is believed dead in Afghanistan. During World War I n Indian soldier tells Nurse Crawford that Wade is alive. Bess along with her father's old sergeant major begin a hunt for the man and the truth. It is good to see a female detective novel not loaded down with romance but mystery. less
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I didn't finish this novel though it was an interesting read.
A pleasant read, nice post WWI setting/atmosphere.
I love this series. It never disappoints.
3.5 stars
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