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Hexbound (2011)

by Chloe Neill(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 2
0575095431 (ISBN13: 9780575095434)
The Dark Elite
review 1: Now I'm staring to dislike them...So much unnecessary description!And Lily is like, 'What is that?' 'Vampires' 'Oh, okay'. No, it's not okay!I was down for magic, seemed plausible (inside this particular world), but then they added rat-people, and mysterious slime, and werewolves, and vampires, and I don't know what else they say they have faced before (on top of the brat-pack)... I don't accept that. It's too much. And no explanations at all. Sound like a bad R.L. Stine rip-off. Spooksville anyone?The first book had some future in its plot, with the magic and the two sides, and the mystery of Lily's parents and the research building... But it was downhill from there, fast, and it's a lot of questions and no answers.
review 2: I felt this book went really quick
... morely, there was a strong storyline at the beginning and it slowly decreased in climax throughout the book to a somewhat flat ending that didn't do much explaining or wrapping up of the main stories in the book.Though I did like the witty writing in the first book, it feels a bit much to me now and I think it actually draws away from the story by adding a lot of unnecessary dialogue that fills up pages and pages of the book.I hope the final book wraps everything up! less
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Nice pick up from the first book, I see some romantic tension going on here!
Audiobook - Could not stand the narrators voice!!!
Not as good as book 1.
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